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Ambergris Caye has many small settlements on the north and south of the main town, San Pedro. People who acquire land on Ambergris Caye and make it their home tend to give names to their pieces of paradise and as more people move into the area the names are often adapted by all. Each area has its unique features that both visitors and locals have come to love and enjoy.

San Pedro Town

The only town on the island of Ambergris Caye is about one and a half miles long and in some places about a mile wide. This is home to the majority of the island's population as well as a majority of the restaurants, bars, banks, clubs and hotels on the island. Visitors will most likely find what they need within walking distance.

Downtown San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

North of San Pedro

San Juan or St. John, is a community located directly north of the center of San Pedro Town. The area is home to majority of the work force on San Pedro and has its own unique mixture of people from all over Belize, Central America, North America and even Europe. The Zaak Ba Ajo Lagoon is a great spot to snorkel, boasting unique aquatic life and the lagoon's own little blue hole.

Boca Del Rio or Mouth of the River - is a settlement in the north of the island located directly after San Juan and just before the river. A ferry links Boca Del Rio Area to other areas in the far north of the island. Visitors to Boca Del Rio can enjoy swimming where this salt water river meets the sea as well spending time at the Boca Del Rio Park. The water slides in the park are especially fun for small children.

Boca del Rio ferry, Northside San Pedro

South of San Pedro

San Pablo - Saint Paul is a small community located just over a mile and a half southwest of the center of San Pedro Town and facing the lagoon. Visitors often take bicycle or golfcart rides up Avenida Del Sol which stretches to the Lagoons edge - in San Pablo to watch to sparkling sunsets over the glossy surface of the lagoon. Swimming and snorkeling can be enjoyed along San Pablo

Mar De Tumbo or the Tumbling Sea is the only spot on the island where the waves tumble to the shore through a break in the reef instead of first breaking on the reef like the rest of the island. This is a popular swimming area located just over a mile south of San Pedro.

Boca del Rio ferry, Northside San Pedro

Other communities include the Escalente Sub-division in the south, San Miguel near San Pablo, San Telmo in the south near Mar De Tumbo, Sunset Coves in the south, San Pedrito located along the San Pedro Lagoon, Tres Cocos in the north, Las Palmas, and the Basil Jones area both also located in the north.

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