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Ambergris Caye was once a part of Mexico and therefore its wildlife is vastly similar to that found in northern Belize and southern Mexico. Plant life for the most part consists of White, Red and Black Mangrove, Buttonwood; littoral forest plants such as black poison wood, red and white gumbo limbo, sapodilla, zericote, wild sea grape, fig, copal, coco plum, coconut, saltwater palmetto, and several small shrubs.


Fauna include over 200 species of bird including endangered birds such as the black cat bird. Common sightings include the white-eyed vireo, Yucatan vireo, common tody flycatcher, great Kiskadee, black and gray catbird bird, chachalaca, cinnamon hummingbird, parakeets, black hawk, yellow-bellied elaenia, laughing falcon, white-collared seed-eater, golden-fronted woodpecker, black-headed salator, blue herons, egret birds, roseate spoonbill and the hooded oriole.


Less frequent visitors to the Caye include green-breasted mango hummingbirds, yellow-backed oriole eastern kingbirds, scarlet and summer tanagers, regal white-crowned pigeons and the rose-throated becard.

The northern end of Ambergris Caye is also home to many other terrestrial wildlife such as peccaries, racoons and white-tailed deer. Some locals have even reported seeing jaguars!


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